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Tableau Support and Documentation

Thousands of Tableau users are faced with the decision to switch to the current Tableau pricing model (2018/2019) which is subscription based. Small and large companies should think this process through. Support for v.9.0 is history as are versions 10.0, 10.1 and 10.2 in August, 2019. Users still have Tableau at their fingertips and can review the new features before making the switch immediately. Support for versions 10.4 and 10.5 will cease in 2019.

So, who do you call for help or training with documentation? VIA Insights can cover both needs – There are links below that enable you to purchase either vs.10xx series manuals from our website or the Amazon website. More importantly support is available for your challenges in any of the lesson content for vs.10xx or vs.2018.  Call 770.296.9551

If you have requirements for documentation for the version 10.0 series of manuals or 2018, both are available via our website.

From the VIA Insights Website

2018 Basic and Advanced Manuals or 10.0 Basic and Advanced     

From Amazon

Tableau Training Manual 2018 Basic    

Tableau Training Manual 2018 Advanced  

Tableau Training Manual 10.4 Basic   

Tableau Training Manual 10 Advanced    

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