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Larry Keller, original manual writer for Tableau, now publishes more insights into the wonderful world of big data...

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Larry Keller – VIA Insights and Tableau

Yesterday:I was a Tableau employee for 3 years but decided to move on in order to open a training practice. I authored the first Tableau training manual in the world,now in its 8th edition. Spread across 50 states and 60 countries, these manuals are still used as reference documents particularly in higher education. Teaching and training across myriad industries, the most rewarding moments than those students who experienced the “aha” moment when they crossed the bridge from the clutter of rows and columns to the clarity of data visualizations. Great training led many to successful careers.

Today:The time has now arrived when I cross my own bridge to more personal time for family and non-profit endeavors. As part of that process, VIA Insights has opened discussions with training companies and independent consultants who seek a running start to their own Tableau practices – My business can be acquired.  The key parts of the business include: digital copies of all manuals including the most current versions; a data base in with over 3,000 Tableau user contacts with complete contact information and contract records for all major agreements.


About the digital manuals, the front covers can be changed to represent the buyer’s company for branding purposes. All sensible offers are welcome.


Larry Keller

CEO and founder        



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