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Network for Employment Transition (NET)

Network for Employment Transition – NET

NET is being created to serve the ever-present percentage of underemployed persons who are in need of training in courses to open doors to better paying jobs. In short, their resumes are no longer relevant in an economy that demands skills in course content like Excel, Adobe, Data Visualization and analysis, and Artificial Intelligence. What we are seeing is the Amazon effect – the reduction of costs with technology.

This idea is not new - Barclay’s Capital initiated free classes in a nondescript build in Brooklyn that offered “live” on site, free classes for attendees that came from an array of backgrounds: Fast food servers, mechanics, teachers and call center operators. Among other classes, the Barclay content included Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning
NET is presently based in Johns Creek, GA serving the greater Atlanta area.

Net will use the Barclay model with one exception – there will be a modest cost which will be significantly less than any fee-based service(s) found on the internet. The plan includes the expansion to web based outreach training.

Students must be computer literate and own a computer that includes fairly current Microsoft software bundles. The current plan is to offer the courses in the evening. Updates will follow with start dates and the content for the first classes.
                                                      Contact Larry Keller at 770.296.9551 for further information.

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