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Larry Keller, original manual writer for Tableau, now publishes more insights into the wonderful world of big data...

Tableau Tutor

The Tableau Tutor Difference

noun - tu-tor a private teacher, typically one who teaches a single student or a very small group

Tableau Tutor is an online, real time training model based on the premise that small class sizes yield superlative results.

The same axiom applies to Tableau training with more personalized attention to questions which are answered promptly and completely. Competing online, real time courses are created to fill seats versus delivering rich content that all students grasp without competing for the next time to raise your hand.

There are three additional components to class size as part of this delivery this training model:

 1. Instructor experience and competence - Mr Keller, founder and CEO of VIA Insights, has eight years ( 3 with Tableau) of Tableau experience with proven results - client examples include ExxonMobil, Comcast, Delta Dental, Fannie Mae, and McKesson. 

  2. Course-ware - Mr. Keller authored the first training manual in the world now in its 6th edition. Each student will receive a training manual and software aids. These software aids include Tableau Packaged Workbooks and data sources for the lessons.

  3. Testing - There is not better way to measure successful outcomes.

If you have a core team of Tableau users that need more concentrated training in a group no larger than five students, contact us for an assessment of requirements. Click on the hyperlink below and go to Learn Tableau or simply call 770-406-8678 to learn more.

VIA Insights, LLC

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